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Pub in Napoli
since 1976

The 70s, years of freedom, transgression, political struggles and creativity. The years of Queen, the space shuttle, family sitcoms and the Watergate scandal. The years in which completely different musical genres were born, punk and disco. The years when we all gathered at the cinema to watch the first episode of Star Wars. The years in which we began to talk about computers, walkmans, floppy disks and video cassettes. The years when everything seemed possible… you just had to invent it.

And it is precisely in these years, 1976, that the Rossi family founded Pub Alaska, named after the “baked Alaska”, a famous dessert whose paternity is disputed by France and the United States, which is still available on site. Even today, neighborhood rumors tell bizarre stories describing the great success of the era, which lasted throughout the 1980s. After a period of decline probably due to lack of will or ability to adapt to the times, in 2007 the pub has been completely renovated and returned to be a must-go destination for all those who wish to try excellent products combined with tradition and innovation at the same time. This continues today, boasting a clientele of all ages while maintaining faith in the authenticity that has always distinguished us.



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alaska pub since 1976

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